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Week 1: May 29-June 1
Had program orientation and met all other participants in the REU.
Team discussion meeting and getting caught up on all information needed to jump into the project.
Began reading recommended papers from Prof. Brylow at and other papers and articles recommended by other colleagues that related to project.
Week 2: June 4-8
Began looking for a transcription software that would allow us to speed up process of eventual interviews.
Tested the different transcription softwares on a mock interview recording.
Read more articles,books,paper,etc related to research topic.
Started RCR training to get certified o in order to work with human subjects.
Came up with the hypothesis of our research with group.
Week 3: June 11-15
Began creating questions and aquired base questions for eventual interviews.
Started reading on "Stuck in the shallow end" whioch is a book that talks about a lot of the inequalities in Computer Science education.
Read more articles,books,paper,etc related to research topic.