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About Me

My name is Erin Doyle and I am a rising senior at St. Mary's College majoring in Mathematics. I am working with Dr. Puri on analyzing ICESat-2 data to look at sea ice melting specifically in the Arctic.

Work Log

Week 1

• REU Orientation

• Mini Data Science Bootcamp

• Met with Dr. Puri to discuss project specifics

• Good research practices and recording work logs talk from Dr. Brylow

• Read various articles and videos about my specific project from Dr. Puri

• Wrote about my research goals and milestones

Week 2

• Developed more specific research questions

• Attended RCR training from Dr. Brylow

• Finished the CITI modules

• Read research papers

• Attended technical writing meeting

• Researched parameters used in the data and their meaning

• Looked and previous code samples and downloaded some data to begin working with

• Met with Dr. Puri on teams to discuss project

Week 3

• Used GitHub resources and started building a code to classify leads vs. Solid sea ice 

• Created my Wiki page and updated profile

• Downloaded test data from NSIDC to use in my code 

• Attended student check in

• Meet with Dr. Puri to discuss project and steps to go forward

• Download HDF5 viewer to look into data more

• Signed up for XSEDE user portal

• Read ATL03 NSIDC data algorithm paper

• Looked at XSEDE portal

• Met with Dr. Puri on Teams to discuss next weeks work

Week 4

• Read research papers finding various ways sea ice thickness has been modeled before

• Found some code on GitHub of a previous modeling of sea ice thickness prediction algorithm

• Read about various models that are used for predicting sea ice thickness

• Looked at University of Washington’s Hackweek machine learning algorithm they used for modeling ATL03 data

• Emailed Dr. Puri to follow up on next steps

• Read “Feasibility of Burned Area Mapping Based on ICESat-2 Photon Counting Data”

• Preprocessed the data to prepare

• Built a Gaussian and K-fold model for the data

• Met with Dr. Puri on teams

Week 5

• Worked on my mini presentation

• Read research papers about machine learning techniques for remote sensing

• Emailed Dr. Puri about my presentation

• Downloaded Cyberduck

• Met with Dr.Puri on teams to go over presentation

• Watched some tutorial videos

• Practiced my presentation to time it

• Attended the mini presentation with the other students

• Worked on Python code and download HDF5 files

• Followed up on progress with Dr. Puri

Week 6

• Attended Data Ethics talk

• Converted the h5files to text files

• Attended good poster presentation talk

• Student check in

• Gathered more data

• Met with Dr. Puri on teams to discuss desired approach

• Continued working on machine learning model

• Began plotting and debugging model

Week 7

• Made progress on machine learning model

• Began planning out research paper

• Improved accuracy of model

• Followed up with Dr. Puri about a few questions

• Student check in

• Debugged some of code

• Met with Dr. Puri on teams to go over my code

• Started writing paper

Week 8

• Met with Dr. Puri and Anmol on teams to fix the error in my code

• Finished outline for paper

• Researched vector autoregression

• Made improvements to neural network

• Gathered data for vector autoregression

• Started writing code for vector autoregression

• Started methods section of paper

• Followed up with Dr. Puri

Week 9

• Looked at old poster presentations from previous years

• Followed up on emails with Dr. Puri

• Attended Industry Panel

• Began writing Intro section of paper

• Started poster

• Read research papers sent by Dr. Puri to improve code

• Attended weekly check in

• Continued working on poster

• Met with Dr. Puri on Teams

• Continued working on paper

• Completed first draft of poster

Week 10

• Completed and turned in poster

• Continued working on methods section of paper

• Completed presentation and had it reviewed

• Worked on results and conclusion section of paper

• Attended student presentations

• Attended student poster section

• Present and attended other student presentations

• Finished paper

• Turned all my work in