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John Freeborn

Marquette REU Summer 2023

Advisor: Dr. Brylow

Summer 2023 Project:

Week 1 (05/30/23 - 06/03/23)

Tuesday (05/30)

My initial thoughts are that documentation is relatively sparse for Abacus from what I have read and been given (have not looked at github yet). I'm a little confused on some of the terms used such as Kubernetes cluster and how scalability is currently implemented. Further I'm currently unsure of the actual structure of abacus right now as the documentation provided to me is from before we made the switch from amazon services and so in the diagram as well as in several of the other documents it shows we are still using S3, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, and Lambda which I have been lead to believe has changed so I will be looking for clarification as well as delving deeper both before the meeting tomorrow as well as following the meeting tomorrow. Based off of Diagram I am lead to believe that the function of DynamoDB was wholly replaced with MongoDB and should function as intended, I'm unsure if we have replaced Lambda with something that works in the same capacity to communicate between the DB and Piston. I'm currently unfamiliar with Docker however following tomorrows meeting I plan to begin reading the documentation on docker to better understand its importance to the system outside of the short paragraph that has been provided in the User Guide.

Wednesday (05/31)

Today I had a lecture on Good research practices. Following this I had a meeting with the team that is working on improving Abacus to discuss the roadmap for these ten weeks. After that I worked on getting Abacus setup in the local environment and in the process bricked my laptop.

Saturday (06/03)

Today I completed Unit 2 of the online RCR training.

Week 2 (06/04/23 - 06/10/23)

Sunday (06/04)

Finished Unit 3 of the Online training and began working on five slide presentation on Test-the-Rest

Monday (06/05)

Did in person RCR training followed by finishing of five slide presentation.

Tuesday (06/06)

Began reading through documentation both on and relating to Ansible

Also looked into Scratch to better understand the impact it has had on the computer science education landscape

Wednesday (06/07)

Continued background research on Ansible at the above links and began to play around with its playbook environment.

Thursday (06/08)

Gave presentation on my findings from Test-the-Rest and Scratch.

Friday (06/09)

Began searching for and reading several research papers surrounding both the testing of and deployment of Kubernetes Clusters.

Week 3 (06/12/23 - 06/16/23)

Monday (06/12)

Finally settled on a study done at Lodz University of Technology in Lodz, Poland. The study centers around both how to deploy a cluster and comparing two methods of deployment via AWS : KOPS and EKSCTL.

Need to look into one of these resources for monitoring of abacus Nagios, OpenNMS, Flapjack, Zenoss, Tivoli from IBM, Operations Manager from HP, Splunk, Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Kibana [8], Logstash [18], and Graylog, chaoskube, kube-monkey, PowerfulSeal, need 1vm 12 core 12gram

Tuesday (06/13)

Began Preparations to make Ansible Playbook on Wednesday and presented on the research paper from Monday.

Wednesday (06/14)

Began making Playbooks specifically working on the main playbook and the docker playbook.

Thursday (06/15)

Finished the main and docker playbooks and realized that I will need about twice as many playbooks as initially thought.

Friday (06/16)

Began discussing what items we may need for the next week during the mke project future workshops.

Week 4 (06/18/23 - 06/24/23)

Monday (06/19/23)

Gave presentation on Scratch and Scratch Junior.

Tuesday (06/20/23)

Talked to a teacher group more one on one about scratch and using it for poetry animation.

Wednesday (06/21/23)

Talked to teacher groups about artifacts they would like.

Thursday (06/22/23)

Talked to more groups about artifacts and made the artifact for mapping skills group.

Friday (06/23/23)

Presented mapping skills artifact to corresponding group.

Week 5 (06/25/23 - 07/01/23)

Monday (06/26/23)

Heard from the team in CT as to what projects they wanted us to work on. Mathletes wants a block based web-page to allow the user to navigate and interact with a playground of their own design. CTG4 wants a website that in the front half provides the user with perimeter and area problems to gain points to spend in the second half where they design their dream rec room.

Tuesday (06/27/23)

Worked on Mathletes project and discussed using react versus just html/javascript.

Wednesday (06/28/23)

Switched to CTG4 project and got basic site done.

Thursday (06/29/23)

Finished first half of site for demo tomorrow, did so by hard coding each problem to its own page.

Friday (06/30/23)

Passed project over to CT and heard it performed up to standard.

Week 6 (07/02/23 - 07/08/23)

Wednesday (07/05/23)

Went to the last halfway presentations and had a barbecue at Maverick's house.

Thursday (07/06/23)

Embarked on a journey to Harley Davidson, the food was great! oh and the museum was pretty cool I guess.

Friday (07/07/23)

Met with lab group to discuss steps moving forward.

Week 7 (07/09/23 - 07/15/23)