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About Me

I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus.


Week 1 - May 29 to June 3

May 30

  • Created my wiki page.
  • Talked with Dr. Dennis Brylow about possible research areas.
  • Installed the MUzECS platform and got it working.

June 1

June 2

  • Read 2 papers. One based on the Scratch programming interface and another paper based on Snap! high school students' transitions to Java.
  • Attempted to get MUzEC's most recent Chromebook web app to work. No success yet.

June 3

  • Received a very informative paper from Dr. Brylow and read it. It's about how blocks impact the learnability of languages.

Week 2 - June 4 to June 10

June 5

  • Looked up and started learning about Blockly and its alternatives.

June 6

  • Attended the Responsible Conduct of Research training.

June 7

  • Sam and I came up with a research question and other considerations for the project.

June 8

  • Was able to run the latest MUzECS code on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Having issues recognizing the Arduino port on Chromebooks.

June 9

  • Began learning how to use the Johnny-Five library for Node.js.

Week 3 - June 11 to June 17

June 12

  • Continued understanding MUzECS source code.
  • Kept on attempting to get the Chromebook to work with last version of MUzECS. It still does not appear in the "Serial Ports".
    • Tried it in normal mode and developer mode.
    • Tried it after a factory reset, and both modes after reset.
    • Tried all Chromebook channels.
    • Tried "lsusb" in developer mode, the board does appear there.
    • Tried connecting with other Chromebook applications, none of them work.

June 14

  • Did the ethics quizzes that were required for the REU. Still have to do the assignments.

June 15

  • Tried to use another Chromebook, it still doesn't work.
  • Talked to Dr. Brylow and considered the possibility of changing research question due to the difficulty of obtaining the required information during this summer.

Week 4 - June 18 to June 24

  • Decided to do these things weekly instead of daily since I don't remember what I did the 15th.
  • Got the Adafruit Circuit Playground working in the MUzECS chrome app for a basic LED example. Now we need to get the Firmata downloader working.
  • Added some source code for AVRgirl-Arduino to support Adafruit Circuit Playground.
  • Got avrgirl-arduino to work with circuit playground.
  • Got the MUzECS software to work with the circuit playground. Both the "download firmata" and some of the other code.

Week 5 - June 25 to July 1

  • Made a pull request for Avrgirl-Arduino. The code we made supports Circuit Playground Classic.
  • Found out about the Circuit Playground Express, currently out of stock, but is similar to MUzECS and works offline with MakeCode.
  • Worked on the mini presentation.
  • Gave the mini presentation.

Week 6 - July 2 to July 8

  • Found out how to add and remove blockly blocks in the source code.
  • Found a nodejs library that helps out with Circuit Playground peripherals: 'playground-io', attempting to get that working in the Chrome app. This library has to run and be installed in the user-created app, not just the overall project.

Week 9 - July 9 to July 15

  • Instead of using 'playground-io', opted to manually set the circuit playground's peripheral's.
  • We got the piezo speaker to work.
  • We got the light sensor to work.
  • We got the thermometer to work.
  • We have attempted to get the accelerometer to work with different controllers and by using snippets of the playground-io source code without success.
  • We realized that the Sound Sensor suddenly makes the Button 4 to stop working. Asked on Stack Overflow.
  • We got the RGB LEDs to work.

Week 10 - July 16 to July 22

  • Working on a paper to submit to the "Blocks and Beyond Workshop"
  • Got the accelerometer to work. Haven't implemented the code in the Chrome App yet.

Week 11 - July 23 to July 29

  • Fixed a bug in accelerometer code. Did not assume little endian readings.
  • Finished paper. We submitted it to Blocks and Beyond Workshop.
  • Finished poster and submitted it.
  • Finished slides presentation, draft at least. Won't call it a draft the day of the presentation.