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About Me

My name is Hannah Daguinsin. I am a rising junior at Xavier University where I am majoring in Computer Science and Biology and minoring in Chemistry.

Work Log

Week 1

• Orientation

• Data science bootcamp

• Pandas, data cleaning, machine learning techniques

• Data visualization with iris and employment data

• Read research papers

Week 2

• Completed citi training

• Ethics and research workshop with Dr. Brylow

• Attended technical writing seminar

• Read research papers

Week 3

• Meet with team

• State primary research hypotheses

• Ho: No change in cohort sedentary activity after the program

• HA: Decrease in cohort sedentary activity due to program

• Ho: No change in cohort MPA ( moderate-intensity physical activity) after the program

• HA: Increase in cohort mpa due to program

• Data elements: cohort sedentary activity data from T1 and T6, cohort mpa data from T1 and T6.

• Treatment- cohort

• Control- the control group, height weight BMI, no fitbit data

• Statistical tests: paired T-test, regression analysis

Week 4

• Data exploration

• Received the data sets

• described samples, data exploration

• investigate patterns of correlation

• Fill null spaces with averages (ended up not using)

• Compare the cohort’s data to national avg

• Different bc cohort has 85th percentile of body fat

• proposed making a health/fitness score

Week 5

• Creation of the composite file, necessary so all information for each subject is in one location.

• Compiled data across 20 files

• Worked to compile data in R

• Proved difficult as data was organized differently

• Created a G file which contained all of the children's fitness test data

Week 6

• Switched to compile data manually in Excel.

• Learned about data management and organization.

• I used a combination of R and Excel to clean the data and merge files.

• I created a step by step instruction manual detailing the steps I took so that future students could replicate my process.

Week 7

• Created a consort flow diagram for the program

• Created table 1 with baseline measurements of subjects in study

• Wrote out a data dictionary for the composite file for swift application in future data collection and analysis.

• Performed hypothesis generating exercises.

• Began to prepare a presentation for the team.

Week 8

• Presented my progress to the team.

• Received valuable feedback and centering for final analyses.

• Wrote out a data dictionary for the composite file for swift application in future data collection and analysis.

• Manipulated the composite file for future use.

• Mapped out analysis for the fitabase fitbit data.

Week 9

• Converted child BMI to BMI percentile using CDC standards, as regular BMI does not apply to children.

• Compared fit children BMI and change to control.

• Created various graphs to ascertain the best method of data visualization and communication.

• Cleaning and pre-processing of the fitabase file.

Week 10

• Finished the pre-processing the fitabase file so it only includes subjects with sufficient data organized into pre and post program.

• Created graphs quantifying fitabase data.

• Created a poster.

• Presented poster and powerpoint to the REU group as well as other REU programs.

• Wrote the scientific paper