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Herman Genis
REU 2023
Advisor: Dr. Brylow

Week 1

Wednesday (5/31/23)

  • Attended meeting on good research practices.
  • Set up working environment (downloaded necessary applications, files, etc.)

Thursday (6/1/23)

  • Wrote python script to reformat Legacy TA-BOT output to TAP Standards
  • Created API request on Modern TA-BOT to handle command line submissions

Friday (6/2/23)

  • Optimized and updated python script to work from the command line, integrated it with the api request, and to take in three arguments, Old TA-BOT output file with student grading, student name, and student class
  • Script creates and puts student code and student code output based on TA-BOT grading into two separate files which then is sent by the curl request in the python script to the TA-BOT database according to their name and course

Week 2

Monday (6/5/23)

  • Attending RCR training
  • Debugged developmental TA-BOT to work with clang-tidy for C files

Tuesday (6/6/23)

  • Attended my REU group meeting and presented a research paper
  • Enabled functionality for C file submissions from TA-BOT website that shows warning messages from clang-tidy and test case results
  • Debugged command-line submissions for C files into TA-BOT

Wednesday (6/7/23)

  • Attended good presentations and writing seminar
  • Debugged and fixed an issue in the code file parser to exclude a file name tag on command line submissions

Thursday (6/8/23)

  • Attended REU group meeting and presented a brief slide show on Edison Robots
  • Spent time recovering lost sql database

Friday (6/9/23)

  • Spent more time recovering lost sql database and setting up a new sql database
  • Created a prototype python file that uses the ChatGPT api to display verbal hints and recommendations about a student's code file

Week 3

Monday (6/12/23)

  • Restored and backed-up sql database
  • Made slight changes to TA-BOT ui

Tuesday (6/13/23)

  • Worked on multi-file submission compatibility for c files
  • Successfully integrated multi-file compatibility into TA-Bot's webside submission upload

Wednesday (6/14/23)

  • Attended example research presentation and progress check meeting
  • Worked on developing a UI to access individual files upon multi-file submission cases

Thursday (6/15/23)

  • Attempted to create a tab section in the UI for users to change tabs to view their different file submissions
  • Started to brainstorm a lesson plan/classroom activities for teachers to use with an Edison Robot

Friday (6/16/23)

  • Debugged Docker container to install clang

Week 4

Monday (6/19/23)

  • Attended Project Future meeting with teachers
  • Presented a slideshow on Edison Robot

Tuesday (6/20/23)

  • Started to brainstorm ideas for a division game targeted for fourth graders

Wednesday (6/21/23)

  • Attended check-in and research talk by Dr. Bialkowski
  • Worked on front-end design for division game

Thursday (6/22/23)

  • Finished up front-end design for division game
  • Brainstormed possible future ideas such as audio and rewards system

Friday (6/23/23)

  • Met with a group of teachers to discuss details about what features to implement into the division game and their likes/dislikes about it

Week 5

Monday (6/26/23)

  • Collaborated with the MKE team to create custom Blockly blocks
  • Worked on mini-presentation slide-show

Tuesday (6/27/23)

  • Met with group in Connecticut to brainstorm ideas for projects for Connecticut teachers

Wednesday (6/28/23)

  • Worked on graphic design for props for a perimeter game

Thursday (6/29/23)

  • Worked on playground game
  • Met with team in Connecticut

Friday (6/30/23)

  • Finalized game projects for Connecticut team
  • Final meeting with Connecticut team

Week 6

Wednesday (7/5/23)

  • Finalized presentations with REU group

Thursday (7/6/23)

  • Went on a trip to the Harley Davidson Museum

Friday (7/7/23)

  • Attended a meeting with my group to discuss project Future projects
  • Made github repo for individual projects

Week 7

Monday (7/10/23)

  • Created signup/signin page for the mood-meter project

Tuesday (7/11/23)

  • Created a path from the signin/signup page to the database
  • Edited the html and css

Wednesday (7/12/23)

  • Attended REU group meeting
  • Worked on polishing up logging in and out, landing page for teachers, and website layout for teachers

Week 7.5+

Rest of daily progress reports on Project Future Github