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Weekly Log

Week 1

  • Attended orientation
  • Attended data science workshop
  • Attended good research practices talk
  • Read research paper my project will be based off
  • Familiarized myself with GUI programming

Week 2

  • Attended responsible research conduct (RCR) talk
  • Completed associated online modules for RCR talk
  • Familiarized myself with SGX-MR codebase
  • Investigated RabbitMQ for future work

Week 3

  • Implemented preliminary DemoLog system
  • Deployed RabbitMQ server
  • Researched libraries for message queueing systems

Week 4

  • Attempted to implement RabbitMQ messaging system
  • Substituted RabbitMQ for AWS SQS

Week 5

  • Successfully integrated AWS SQS into SGX-MR system
  • Began work on client-side functionality
  • Prepared and presented the project so far

Week 6

  • Began work on visualization processes
  • Implemented real time queue listening
  • Refined back-end code

Week 7

  • Debugged SGX code
  • Implemented access pattern logging
  • Began exploration of access pattern visualization

Week 8

  • Continued debugging
  • Implemented access pattern visualization
  • Began refining client

Week 9

  • Refined client visuals
  • Began work on end of REU presentations
  • Began work on final report
  • Finalized client

Week 10

  • Finished REU report and poster
  • Attended poster session
  • Gave project presentation
  • Attended research presentations