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Week 1: June 1st, 2022

Tuesday (5/31/22)

  • Attended introduction meeting on an introduction to data science.

Wednesday (6/1/22)

  • Attended meeting about research outcomes.
  • Met with the research team and decided on summer projects.

Thursday (6/2/22)

  • Attended team meeting and discussed goals and ideas for the summer projects.
  • Identified utilities needed to compile and run operating systems on a local env.

Friday (6/3/22)

  • Continued downloading and installing programs.
  • Installed RiskV tool chain
  • Installed QEMU
  • Was able to make and compile xV6 in RiskV on the virtual machine.

Week 2: June 6th, 2022

Monday (6/6/22)

  • Out of office

Tuesday (6/7/22)

  • Started reading and commenting Xinu source code.
  • continued to read RiskV documentation.

Wednesday (6/8/22)

  • attended group talk for REU
  • talked with Dr. Brylow about roadmap and information for the summer project.
  • Project has the ability to build across semesters

Thursday (6/9/22)

  • Worked on writing aspects of Xinu in RiskV instead of Arm architecture.
  • Able to get "Hello World" to print over the serial driver/port.

Friday (6/10/22)

  • Continued development work
  • attended team lunch
  • attended team meeting to discuss weekly progress with the group.

Week 3: June 13th, 2022

Monday (6/13/22)

  • Due to getting a new laptop, all tools needed to be installed again
  • changed two Xinu Arm atomic operations, CompareAndSwapStrong and CompareAndSwapWeak, to RiskV
  • Was able to get qemu to compile Xinu, hello world printed using RiskV architecture
  • Continued to document aspects of the Xinu system in work notebook

Tuesday (6/14/22)

  • Continued to read up on trap handlers
  • Worked on implementing exception handling in Xinu
  • Worked on implementing interrupt handling in Xinu
  • Pushed working(hopefully) Xinu RiskV trap handler

Wednesday (6/15/22)

  • Added definitions for exceptions and interrupts
  • Removed a magic number from dispatch.c
  • Attended REU talk

Thursday (6/16/22)

  • When Xinu boots, it now switches from machine mode to supervisor mode to handle exceptions
  • Spinlocks are now implemented.

Friday (6/17/22)

  • Attended team meeting
  • Attended team lunch
  • Worked with Virgil team on Xinu questions

Week 4: June 20th, 2022

Monday (6/20/22)

  • Added Round Robin Scheduling to Xinu

Tuesday (6/21/22)

  • Reviewed Xinu Wiki and created a list of issues.
  • talked about next steps
  • Team meeting to discuss pthreads, internal clock, or memory management as the next TODO.

Wednesday (6/22/22)

  • Started work on translating pthreads
  • Attended REU weekly meeting, talked about survey response.
  • Attended REU lunch.

Thursday (6/23/22)

Friday (6/24/22)

  • Made documentation roadmap
  • attended team meeting
  • Identified roadmap for next week

Week 5: June 27th, 2022

Monday (6/27/2022)

  • attended 10am meeting about poster presentation

Tuesday (6/28/2022)

  • Worked on implementing embedded riscV zinu on Nezah board
  • was able to contact Nezah board via serial port, display port drivers are out of date.
  • found a better debian image online, download speed was exceptional, will try to reformat drive tomorrow

Wednesday (6/29/2022)

  • Continued development work on hardware

Thursday (6/30/2022)

  • Identified method to set Mac address and connect the board to dhcp server.
  • Continued development

Friday (7/1/2022)

  • Attended team lunch meeting
  • Downloaded VM and started process of downloading and compiling a newer version of Tina linux.

Week 6: July 4th, 2022

Monday (7/4/2022)

  • Not in the office

Tuesday (7/5/2022)

  • Started download of Tina linux from a virtual machine.
  • Compiled and packed source code

Wednesday (7/6/2022)

  • Was able to finish downloading Tina source code and compiling
  • Attempted to transfer boot file to ssd for the nezha to boot

Thursday (7/7/2022)

  • Hooked the Nezha up to the backend pool
  • Attended team meeting where we discussed the roadmap for the rest of the semester

Friday (7/8/2022)

  • Gave Nezha a MAC address and IP when it boots using a script that sets these prams on boot

Week 7: July 11th, 2022

Monday (7/12/2022)

  • Started looking into page tables and enabling memory memory management for the Nezha/Qemu

Tuesday (7/13/2022)

  • Started the development of paging in qemu's virtual environment.
  • finished writing functions for identifying the maximum amount of available pages, and for acquiring these pages.

Wednesday (7/14/2022)

  • Attended weekly meeting with REU team, talked about progress and roadmaps.