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Week 1: May 28 - May 31
Had program overview and went over potential research topics .
Started by looking at the serial port issues that would surface during the semester of Operating Systems while using XINU with the raspberry pi 3 b+. Our first step was to identify the issue, and what was the common cause.
After finding an issue with the hardware attached to the raspberry pis we looked at how the transceivers were implemented with the MIPs router and looked into porting implementation over to the RPI 3B+.
Once we found how the transceiver boards were implemented on the MIPS routers, we developed a prototype and to test with the RPI3 B+, and it worked!
We created a couple more with the parts we had and tested them as we went.
Week 2: Jun 3 - Jun 7
Looked at the current network configuration with Xinu
Researched Power over Ethernet option for the Raspberry Pi B+ boards
Explored current market options for Power over Ethernet HAT (Hardware Attached On Top) for the Raspberry Pi
Configured current network switch to enable POE
Tested POE switch with IP Phone and explored CLI (Command Line Interface) options for powering on and off boards
POE implementation will resume once we receive the HATs we found to test out
Week 3: Jun 10 - Jun 14
Started to explore USB filesystem with another researcher
Define minimal specifications of the filesystem
Looked into already implemented USB code for the ethernet driver and USB keyboard
Week 4: Jun 17 - Jun 21
Week 5: Jun 24 - Jun 28
Week 6: Jul 1 - Jul 5
Week 7: Jul 8 - Jul 12
Week 8: Jul 15 - Jul 19