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Cyber Security of Social Robots and the Internet of Things


Week 1

  • Orientation
  • Filled out logistical paperwork
  • Met with mentor and figured out research project plan for summer
  • Researched DDoS attacks that used the Internet of Things and other articles concerning IoT and Security
  • Started finding applications that will work as a cloud computing platform for our research project such as Carriot
  • Attended Library Tour
  • Attended Dr. Brylow and Dr. Factor's research speech on how to be a good researcher
  • Looked through the specs of the JD Humanoid robot since it might be included in our system.
  • Learned more about BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Hijacking and SSRF (Server-Side Request Forgery)
  • Began setup of devices required for project such as an android tablet and the Google Home.
  • Researched the OIS model and different protocol layers
  • Researched Internet of Things architectures and protocols

Week 2

  • Researched More Internet of Things architectures
  • Learned Latex and started to add online journals to bibliography
  • RCR Training
  • Setup Raspberry Pi Zero board with Conductivity sensor
  • Troubleshooting Pi serial port
  • Successfully connected and started to collect the conductivity sensor data to the raspberry pi through the UART serial port
  • Started working on backing up data to the cloud

Week 3

  • Finished the online RCR training
  • Wrote the code for the raspberry pi in C that backups data to the cloud from Ubidots
  • Started to watch videos on the setup of the EZ robot

Week 4

  • Setup the robot
  • Familiarized myself with programming the robot
  • Made simple program for robot
  • Researched possibility of vulnerability with robot's servos

Week 5

  • Set up Microsoft Cognitive Vision
  • Connected Microsoft Cognitive Vision to robot and tested
  • Worked on presentation
  • Wrote the code that allows the robot to retrieve info from Ubidots
  • Started writing the main code for the robot

Week 6

  • Plugins can be viewed here
  • Began exploring cyber-security vulnerabilities of built system
  • Started looking into using tcp-proxy to gather credentials

Week 7

  • Further explored using tcp-proxy
  • Brainstorming unique ways to infiltrate a social robot
  • Exploring options with eavesdropping with camera audio/video
  • Started compiling notes onto document for report
  • Set up Amazon Echo Show
  • Investigating reason behind dedicated TCP server for camera on robot
  • Reviewing licensing and terms of use for EZ-Robots

Week 8

  • Further investigated reason behind dedicated TCP server for camera on robot
  • Further reviewed licensing and terms of use for EZ-Robots
  • Seeing if if creating a firewall for Telnet can be run on the robot
  • Started poster
  • Started research paper

Week 9

  • Finish Poster
  • Send bytes to robot to get more info on communication protocol used
  • Start figuring out how to filter specific packets on the robot

Week 10

  • Worked on presentation
  • Worked on paper
  • Presented at poster session
  • Presented final presentation
  • Finished paper