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Week 1

  • Absent by agreement with REU directors and mentor

Week 2 (June 5th - June 9th)

Monday 6/5

  • Attended RCR training session
  • Completed CITI RCR training modules

Tuesday 6/6

  • Read background research on embedded Xinu
  • Worked on "Beyond CITI" d2l assignments
  • Attended presentations and discussion with other REU students

Wednesday 6/7

  • Finished "Beyond CITI" assignments
  • Attended presentation on Technical Writing
  • Read embedded Xinu education research
  • Prepared a presentation on Ozobots

Thursday 6/8

  • Presented on Ozobots
  • Attended and discussed presentations on other K-12 teaching tools

Friday 6/9

  • Looked into use of Ozobots to teach other subjects
  • Read instructional operating system research

Week 3 (June 12th - June 16th)

Monday 6/12

  • Began looking at code for Embedded Xinu
  • Prepared a presentation on XinuPi3

Tuesday 6/13

  • Presented on XinuPi3
  • attended and discussed presentations on other REU students' focuses
  • Met with Dr. Brylow and group to discuss project FUTURE

Wednesday 6/14

  • Exploratory experiments with Embedded Xinu
  • Discussed projects with other REU students

Thursday 6/15

  • Continued exploring Embedded Xinu
  • Discussed focus points with Dr. Brylow

Friday 6/16

  • Tested Embedded Xinu timer interrupts
  • Created Ozobot presentation for project FUTURE workshop
  • Made my "Bitmoji"

Week 4 (June 19th - June 23rd)

Monday 6/19

  • Gave presentation for project FUTURE
  • Progress on Xinu timer

Tuesday 6/20

  • Answered questions for project FUTURE
  • Embedded Xinu timer very close to correct

Wednesday 6/21

  • Attended research presentation by Dr. Bialkowski
  • Met with poetry group of project FUTURE teachers about what tools they need
  • Began poetry template for project FUTURE in Scratch

Thursday 6/22

  • Met with another project FUTURE teacher about CS tools
  • Finished poetry template in Scratch
  • Created poetry example

Friday 6/23

  • Presented poetry templates to project FUTURE teachers
  • Finished Embedded Xinu timer corrections
  • Met with Dr. Brylow about next steps for Xinu project

Week 5 (June 26th - June 30th)

Monday 6/26

  • Began designing tools for project FUTURE Connecticut team
  • Research on atomic utilities for Embedded Xinu
  • Started preparing mini-presentation for Wednesday

Tuesday 6/27

  • Prepared mini-presentation for Wednesday
  • Worked on Mathletes blockly project
  • Met with Connecticut project FUTURE team for updates

Wednesday 6/28

  • Presented on progress so far
  • Attended other REU student presentations
  • Worked on Xinu locks and atomics

Thursday 6/29

  • More research on Xinu locks
  • Met with Connecticut team to discuss presentable demos for project FUTURE

Friday 6/30

  • Xinu lock and semaphore research
  • Copied semaphore files into RISCV
  • Marked where future work is needed in semaphore files

Week 6 (July 3rd - July 7th)

Monday 7/3

  • Continued semaphore progress
  • Found resources for semaphores and inter-process communication

Tuesday 7/4

  • (Independence Day)

Wednesday 7/5

  • Met with Dr. Brylow about semaphores, locks, and mailboxes
  • Mapped out next steps for semaphores and files that need to be changed

Friday 7/7

  • Began integrating semaphore files into RISCV
  • Discovered holes in supporting files, began patching them

Week 7 (July 10th - July 14th)

Monday 7/10