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2023 Summer Milestones

  • Read and analyze the Compact Report and beginnings of the Wisconsin Landscape Report.
  • Become more familiar with the CS Fundamentals and ECS Curricula
  • Read over ECS Curricula and find creative ways to make it more inclusive and culturally responsive.
  • Synthesize toolkit information from the ECEP Website.
  • Create a condensed/focused list of information and write-ups needed for the Wisconsin ECEP Alliance Landscape Report.
  • Look into the formatting tool for the Landscape Report and begin placing pieces of the Landscape Report into the format suggested by ECEP.
  • Determine what additional information and data is needed to complete the Wisconsin Landscape Report and begin acquiring the additional data.

2023 Week 1: (May 30th 2023-June 2nd 2023)

Tuesday (5/30)

Wednesday (5/31)

  • Read up on, watched videos, and took notes about CS terminology, learning about what the broader idea of the field really is.
  • Took notes on the visualizations used in the Alabama dashboard from ECEP and glanced at the other states.
  • Attended the all-group meeting with Dr. Brylow about research techniques and helpful tips and tricks for getting started/researching/digging deeper.
  • Met with research team for CS Education and determined which projects we were going to be taking on, determining next steps.
    • I'll be gathering and synthesizing factors of other states' Landscape Reports, seeing what does and doesn't work, and then comparing that data to what we have in Wisconsin.
    • Additionally, I was given many articles to get me going on my research of CS Education.
  • I combed through the Kapor Center Article on Culturally Responsive Teaching in Computer Science, taking notes on key pieces of information and connecting what was written to previous knowledge of CRT.


  • Wrote up notes and found links from Days 1 and 2 and sent emails to schedule a meeting for today with team members who also read the Kapor Center article.
  • Met with Sujeeth to talk about ways I can help conduct research this summer, potential research projects and lists of things to look into.
  • Wrote up my milestone checklist with preliminary research on the topics.
  • Created/updated my Wiki page for the rest of the summer.
  • Began thinking about ways to organize information Sujeeth is looking for.


  • I began the RCR Training, making it through the first session and then some, and finishing up the training over the weekend.
  • Met with Dr. Brylow to discuss the ITISCE Article entitled "Intercultural Computer Science Education" and spoke about goals for the summer (among various CSE topics).
  • Started doing some research on the algorithms presented in the article chosen, and started looking up the CSE Teacher Resource, the Adafruit Circuit Playground.

2023 Week 2: (June 5th 2023-June 9th 2023)

Monday (6/5)

  • Attended the all-group RCR Training with Dr. Brylow all morning and afternoon.
  • Researched and took notes on the "Intercultural Computer Science Education" article, and created a presentation to present the findings tomorrow to my small research group.

Tuesday (6/6)

Wednesday (6/7)

  • Began reviewing ECEP Landscape Toolkit--synthesizing information from the document for further use.
  • Attended Dr. Brylow's talk on Good Research Presentations and Writing.
  • Finalized presentation on a K-5 teacher resource for my research group.
  • Continued working through the ECEP Landscape Toolkit.

Thursday (6/8)

  • Kept reading through the ECEP Landscape Toolkit and took notes.
  • Attended a group meeting about K-5 Teacher Resources and presented my resource.
  • Met with Sujeeth about progress on the ECEP Landscape Toolkit and future directions to take this in writing the Landscape Report for Wisconsin.

Friday (6/9)

  • Corresponded with Sujeeth about plans for next week in terms of meeting and continuing research.
  • Read through the rest of the ECEP Landscape Report Toolkit.
  • Finished taking notes on the Toolkit that I then sent to Sujeeth to look over.

2023 Week 3: (June 12th 2023-June 16th 2023)

Monday (6/12)

  • I read over a research paper entitled "Constructivism in Computer Science Education" and synthesized the reading.
  • Created a presentation with my citation to present to my research group tomorrow.
  • Corresponded with Sujeeth about meeting tomorrow to talk about the Landscape Report Toolkit.
  • Read through half of the teacher lesson plans and ideas from the Google Doc sent to my research group from Dr. Brylow and took notes on the ones I read over.
    • Link to the Google Doc: in my inbox from Dr. Brylow

Tuesday (6/13)

  • Continued looking over the teacher Project FUTURE Lesson Plans for incorporating CS into their classrooms and took notes on what they were looking for.
  • Met with Sujeeth about the Landscape Toolkit Notes I took, and made a list of other things I should be reading and looking at this week. We then also talked about the ECS meeting from Monday and about strategizing for incorporating another topic into the ECS curriculum.
  • Met with my research group and Dr. Brylow to present our research paper from the previous week, and talked about the upcoming Milwaukee Teacher CS Workshop next week and logistics for the Connecticut trip in 2 weeks.

Wednesday (6/14)

Thursday (6/15)

  • Finished reading the Capacity Report and taking notes. Sent the notes over to Sujeeth to read over.
  • I worked on connecting and programming the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express on my computer--following the step-by-step instructions from the Adafruit Website.
  • I played around with the circuit and trouble-shot problems I had with the Arduino IDE program on my computer.

Friday (6/16)

  • I played with the Adafruit Circuit Playground on my family's Chromebook.
  • Created my portion of the Technology Tools Presentation for Monday.
  • Attended a team meeting about the trip to Connecticut.
  • Continued playing around with the Circuit Playground, learning how to program online through the simulator, on the Block-based site, and through the Arduino IDE.

2023 Week 4: (June 19th 2023-June 23rd 2023)

Monday (6/19)

  • Finished looking over and running through my portion of the presentation for the afternoon with the MPS teachers.
  • Looked for and found the next research article to present to my research group.
  • Listened to my fellow research-mates' tools and presented the Adafruit Circuit Playground to the MPS teachers, and answered any questions they had about the product.
  • Updated my Wiki Page and continued reading my article on Internationalization of CSE.
  • Began looking in to other states' Landscape Reports--taking notes on them to answer questions from Sujeeth and my conversation last week regarding the Landscape Report Toolkit.

Tuesday (6/20)

  • Created a concept map for the Project FUTURE teachers to help gather data from them.
  • Researched and created a comparison sheet for Microbits and Adafruit Circuit Playgrounds. I then shared this with Max and reviewed it with him to ensure it was correct.
  • Worked with Maverick on editing teacher questions on the Project FUTURE Design Plans.
  • Workshopped with teachers--showcasing the Adafruit Circuit Playground alongside Max with his Microbit.
  • Attended a meeting about the teacher workshop that afternoon and listened to the game plan for tomorrow.
  • Researched the Poetry Unit and sent the information to John to review and compare/contrast with Scratch.
  • Began looking into the Landscape Reports from other states (and will be looking at them more closely tomorrow with the intent to take notes on them).

Wednesday (6/21)

  • Met with my research team to talk about what was going to happen that day with regards to Project FUTURE.
  • Attended a part of an interview with a teacher to see what she might want to have as a technology tool in her classroom.
  • Went to the all REU meeting and watched a mini-presentation from Dr. Bialkowski.
  • Met again with my team for Project FUTURE before interviewing another teacher that afternoon. This teacher runs an after school program for students from grades K-5 and just needed a resource sheet for her students and their parents.
  • After meeting with this teacher, we began pulling together resources and explanations of these resources. We found videos introducing the technology, and I put together the presentation with the videos for each piece.

Thursday (6/22)

  • I finished looking over and polishing the list and descriptions of the resource page for the Coding Queens teacher and confirmed responses with my group to make sure we were accurately describing our technologies.
  • We then met with another teacher who was working on a Map-Making project with her first graders, wanting to incorporate Bee Bots and Ozobots. We spoke for a long time about the possible outcomes of this project.
  • My research team then worked together to figure out exactly what we thought she might want. We came up with two different prototypes and separated work out to get it all created.
  • We then had one final meeting with a 3rd grade teacher working on life cycles and the Bee Bots.
  • Finally, I attended a meeting with my Project FUTURE group to talk about what work needed to be done for both the Map-Making project and the Life Cycles project.
  • I then designed routes for an Ozobot using a template to show the Map-Making teacher the next day.

Friday (6/23)

  • We presented our technology tools to the Milwaukee Project FUTURE teachers and received feedback about them. We then began thinking of ways to better our tech tools.
  • We then met as a whole group to talk about the plans for the Connecticut and logistics for leaving and packing.
  • Then, on Saturday evening, we began our 15 hour car ride to Connecticut, arriving in Fairfield by 10am on Sunday morning.

2023 Week 5: (June 26th 2023-June 30th 2023)

Monday (6/26)

  • We attended the Project FUTURE workshop, meeting the Connecticut teachers.
  • Presented our technology robots and tools to the teachers and answered questions about them.
  • Met with two different teacher groups to talk about their projects--one about designing and room with area and perimeter practice incorporated, and the other about storytelling for Special Ed students.
  • Attended a meeting about Copyright and then met with Darcy and our research team back home about the projects at hand--troubleshooting our potential Scratch problem.
  • I then attended an online Teams meeting about the ECS curriculum to talk about the upcoming workshop in the middle of July--given a task to look over the curriculum critically and attentively to make sure it is both engaging and culturally responsive.

Tuesday (6/27)

  • Spoke with a teacher about her Earth Simulator project (not officially, but just casually).
  • Met with a group about their project, "Best Selves 3-5." We brainstormed, discussed what plans they had, and spoke about ways that we could create a digital tool for them.
  • Created prompts for the blocks necessary for the Best Selves 3-5 project and collaborated with my research team to think up the best way to create their tool.
  • Attended a presentation about the "Power of Introverts" by Esther.
  • Met with the "Wild Robots" group and thought about how we could incorporate an Ozobot into their curriculum.

Wednesday (6/28)

  • Attended a "Universal Design for Learning (UDL)" presentation by Sally.
  • Met with the Debatable Data group.
  • Discussed how we would best support the Debatable Data group with Darcy and the rest of our team.

Thursday (6/29)

  • Met with the Storytellers and Animated Texts groups to discuss how we would best work out their problems in terms of getting the technology and blocks they needed for their units while also abiding by Connecticut law.
  • Completed the blocks needed for the Best Selves 3-5 group, and met up with Max to see where we were both at in that project.
  • Max and I met with the Best Selves 3-5 groups to show them what we came up with for their project and received feedback on their project.
  • Attended a team meeting to talk about all the projects, who was taking which project, progress made, and correctly color-coding our notes so as to determine what future work needs to be done.

Friday (6/30)

  • Showed the Connecticut teachers demos of the digital tools we created that week and received feedback from them.
  • Met again with the CTG4 group to gain a better idea of what they need from us.
  • Traveled back home to Milwaukee!

2023 Week 6: (July 3rd 2023-July 7th 2023)

Monday (7/3)

  • Holiday Observed

Tuesday (7/4)

  • Holiday Observed

Wednesday (7/5)

  • Ran through my mid-point presentation.
  • Organized receipts from the Connecticut trip.
  • Gave my presentation on what I have done so far during this REU.
  • Sketched scenes for the Best Selves animations for Max to digitize later.
  • Digitized and sent receipts from the Connecticut trip to Katya.

Thursday (7/6)

  • Attended the REU social event at the Harley-Davidson Museum.
  • Touched base with Sam about the ECS curriculum and what work needed to be done on that coming up.

Friday (7/7)

  • Out sick.

2023 Week 7: (July 10th 2023-July 14th 2023)

Monday (7/10)

  • Read through and took notes on the 9.0 Version of the ECS Curriculum.
  • Compared Unit 3 of the 9.0 Version of ECS Curriculum to Sam's Unit 3 Plan.
  • Began reading through Sam's Unit 3 Plan, commenting where we might want to update or edit.

Tuesday (7/11)

  • Continued reading through Sam's Unit 3 Plan, continuing to comment on where update and edits need to be made.
  • Attended our lab meeting virtually and spoke about where we were at in terms of ECS Curriculum.
  • Had a check in meeting with Sam and Sydney on our progress through the Unit 3 Plan and where to go for the rest of the week.
  • Looked over where there were holes in the Unit 1 lessons for the ECS updated curriculum and sent results to Sam.
  • Looked over and sent the CSTA developed K-12 Computer Science Standards to Sam and Sydney for us to talk about tomorrow.

Wednesday (7/12)

  • Continued looking over Sam's ECS Unit 3 Curriculum, taking notes on the various activities and asking questions about timing, clarification, etc.
  • Attended the REU weekly meeting, listening to a talk by Dr. Mark Zimmer on Data Ethics.
  • Read over some of the lessons from Unit 1 in the ECS Curriculum.
  • Met with Sydney and Sam to talk over notes and comments from the ECS Unit 3 document.

Thursday (7/13)

  • Met again with Sydney and Sam to talk over the notes and comments from the ECS Unit 3 document.
  • Continued looking over Unit 3 for ECS, making notes and comments on the document to go over on Friday.
  • Looked over and commented on lessons from Unit 1 of the ECS Curriculum.

Friday (7/14)

  • Finished looking over Unit 3 of the ECS Curriculum--taking notes and making comments.
  • Met with Sam and Sydney to go over the itinerary for the professional development in ECS next week.
  • Created a lesson plan for the Unit 3 lesson for the PD next week with Sam and Sydney.
  • Attended the lab meeting--checking in with our team.
  • Sent an email updating Knox and Morgan about progress and ideas that we had.

2023 Week 8: (July 17th 2023-July 21st 2022)

Monday (7/17)

  • Attended the ECS Professional Development.
  • Met with Sheryl Knox and Dianthe Morgan to talk about what needs to be completed this week and how we plan on this week of PD working.
  • Planned a lesson to present at the PD the next day.

Tuesday (7/18)

  • Attended the ECS Professional Development.
  • Presented the lesson on "Following Instructions."

Wednesday (7/19)

  • Attended the ECS Professional Development.
  • Attended the weekly REU meeting where we learned how to make and give a good poster presentation.
  • Met with my research team to receive updates on progress on projects.

Thursday (7/20)

  • Attended the ECS Professional Development.
  • Sent emails to update Connecticut Teachers of their project status.
  • Emailed notes from yesterday to Sheryl and Dianthe.
  • Updated the spreadsheet of projects from Project FUTURE to include the missing Milwaukee Teachers.

Friday (7/21)

  • Attended the last day of ECS Professional Development.
  • Met with my research team to gather updates on the various projects we are working on.

2023 Week 9: (July 24th 2023-July 28th 2023)

Monday (7/24)

  • Started typing up lessons from ECS Curriculum with updates from the professional development from last week.
  • Corresponded and set up a meeting with some Connecticut teachers and Max to inform them about updates on their digital tool.
  • Began brainstorming for my final poster presentation.

Tuesday (7/25)

  • Met with the Connecticut teachers and Max to show them what he completed so far for them and their digital tool.
  • Took notes on the feedback we received and thought through additions with Max.
  • Met with Dr. Brylow and some fellow REU students to talk about expectations for the poster presentation.
  • Worked through more of Unit 3 with Sam and Syd, clarifying instructions.
  • Continued updating lessons from the ECS curriculum with changes made from the professional development last week.

Wednesday (7/26)

  • Worked on the poster presentation and its aspects.
  • Updated my log in the REU site.
  • Attended the weekly REU meeting.
  • Continued working on my final poster presentation.

Thursday (7/27)

  • Continued working on my final poster presentation--gathering my data and formatting my poster.
  • Attended the REU Boat Tour of Milwaukee.

Friday (7/28)

  • Finished making my final poster presentation.
  • Outlined my final paper for the Summer REU Experience.
  • Finished writing up Unit 1 Day 16 in the ECS Curriculum.

2023 Week 10: (July 31st 2023-August 4th 2023)

Monday (7/31)

Tuesday (8/1)

Wednesday (8/2)

Thursday (8/3)

Friday (8/4)