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Week 1 
  • Met coworkers
  • Went through possible projects to work on with team
  • Started working on Serial Port issues for the Pis
  • Created a test for the serial port issue
  • Discovered it was a hardware problem through testing
  • Discovered more specifically some transceivers were faulty
  • Made list of working and nonworking transceivers
  • Created a prototype transceiver based on the design of the MIPs transceivers
  • Tested it and it fixed the issues
Week 2 
  • Created and tested more transceivers until parts ran out
  • Created a list of parts needed to finish the new transceivers
  • Decided to start working on implementing flash drives with the Pis so there is a real file system and only one UART is needed instead of two
  • Started researching using xinu code and online code
Week 3 
  • Continue research on flash drive implementation
  • Find out how NAK, in tokens, and data packets work