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Personal Information

Theodore Sudol
Attends: The College of New Jersey
Year: Rising Junior
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Music
sudolt1 /at/ tcnj /dot/ edu


I am working with Dr. Dennis Brylow to port the Lua programming language to the Embedded Xinu operating system.


  • Create a version of the Lua library that can be used by Xinu developers to embed Lua in C programs.
  • Integrate the Lua interpreter and compiler with the Xinu shell so that Lua scripts can be run on Xinu systems


  • Week 1
    • REU Orientation and move-in
    • Introduction to Xinu
    • Familiarization with C
    • Develop research topic and goals, create wiki page
  • Week 2 - ?
    • Build Lua from source on known supported platform
    • Set up home MIPS/Xinu workstation
    • Create cross-compiler tool chain
    • Investigate Xinu OS

Week 5 Mini-Presentation

For my mini-presentation, I talked about XINU, Lua, and the process of porting Lua. It can be viewed here.