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Week of 6/12

MON 6/12

  • Drafted literature review, annotated bibliography sections of final paper
  • Investigated the available AI generative tools for text-to-video, text-to-photo, and text-to-speech
  • Documented a list of these tools, their features, and their drawbacks as it relates to project goals

TUES 6/13

  • Met with mentor to share progress and troubleshoot roadblocks
  • Evaluated the storytelling capacity of AI by reviewing materials on ACM database, GitHub
  • Compared animated with live video and their independent ability to allow connection with audience

WED 6/14

  • Attended REU meeting and presentation
  • Demoed around 5-10 text-to-speech applications, software tools, etc.
  • Assessed the emotions/tones appropriate for mental health storytelling (frustration, anger, helplessness, etc.)
  • Tested applications to determine which were most realistic depictions of such emotions/tones

THURS 6/15

  • Attempted implementation of Phenaki Video in Pytorch
  • Requested access to Meta's Make-a-Video

FRI 6/16

  • Accessed DALL-E premium version
  • Used generic prompts from given subthemes previously extracted from PPD subreddit in previous research

Week of 6/19

MON 6/19

  • Began process of creating 2 draft videos, one still, one animated
  • Edited scripts from Reddit blog(shortened, corrected grammatical errors): one with social factors theme, one with hardships

TUES 6/20

  • Met with mentor to share progress and troubleshoot roadblocks
  • Created an animated video using Steve AI tool
  • Created live still video using Designs AI tool

WED 6/21

  • Attended REU meeting and presentation
  • Met with mentor to share progress and troubleshoot roadblocks
  • Presented draft videos to mentor and implemented feedback, editing in Vimeo and VEED

THURS 6/22

  • Used DALL-E and Deep AI as primary text-to-image tools to prepare 5-10 templates for each of 4 themes
  • Began generating templates for subthemes as well

FRI 6/23

  • Prepared mini presentation on progress made thus far