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  1. (i,j)-step competition graphs
  2. ADA Compliance Toolkit: Mobile Sensors
  3. A Browser-Based IDE For The Modified ECS Curriculum
  4. A Qualitative Study of Wisconsin Computer Science in K-12
  5. Accelerating Geo-Spatial Computations Using High Performance Computing
  6. Advancing via MUzECS Platform
  7. An Integrated Framework for Identifying Context-Specific Gene-Drug Interactions
  8. Analyzing and Mapping out data of Milwaukee
  9. Analyzing the Ethical Consequences of Popular Clustering Algorithms
  10. Anomaly Detection in Swarm Robotics
  11. Application Process
  12. Application of Competition Graphs and (1,2)-step Competition Graphs
  13. Applications of Competition Graphs and (1,2)-step Competition Graphs
  14. Applied Probabilistic Forecasting Methods in Energy Consumption
  15. Assessing the Framing and Priorities of Data Science Programs
  16. Association Between Crime, Places, and Neighborhood Characteristics
  17. Association between crime, places, and neighborhood characteristics
  18. Association between crime places and neighborhood characteristics
  19. CTDPathSim: Cell line-tumor deconvoluted pathway-based similarity in the context of precision medicine in cancer
  20. Capturing nutritional value at the point of consumption using accessible and inexpensive technologies
  21. Characteristics of the (i,j)-Step Competition Graphs of Real Food Webs
  22. Cloud-Enabled Xinu Operating System
  23. Comparing Two Models of HMPAO Uptake in the Lungs: Is a Compartmental Model Sufficient to Reliably Estimate Key Physiological Parameters
  24. Completing Multicore, Embedded XINU
  25. Complex Activity Recognition
  26. Creating Adversarial Examples for Machine Learning Models in Healthcare
  27. CubeSAT
  28. Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Avionics Networking
  29. Cyber Security of Social Robots and the Internet of Things
  30. Darren Jefferson
  31. Data Assimilation For Fluid Dynamic Models
  32. Data Assimilation of High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
  33. Data Assimilation of High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  34. Data Assimilation of the High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
  35. Data Science using remote sensing data for predicting sea ice thickness
  36. Dawson d'Almeida
  37. Dcronce
  38. Deconstructing Spatial Clustering Algorithms To Explore Biases in Crime Analysis
  39. Deep Learning and Energy Forecasting
  40. Developing Ethical Algorithms for Placement Stability in the Foster Care System
  41. Developing Methods to Study Complex Food Webs
  42. Development of Authentication and Management Systems for Systems Administration Offices
  43. Development of an anatomical atlas for stroke classification with Electrical Impedance Imaging for Deep Learning
  44. Diego A Perez Morales
  45. Diego A Pérez Morales
  46. Digital Signal Processing on Embedded Xinu
  47. Discovering Significant Pathways of Gene Regulation
  48. Embedded Xinu Operating System on Raspberry Pi
  49. Ethical Algorithms for Placement Stability in the Foster Care
  50. Ethical and Privacy Concerns with Suicide Risk Prediction Algorithms

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