Summer 2017 Projects

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Poster-2017-Babcock-snapshot.pngPoster-2017-Black-snapshot.png (i,j)-step competition graphs:
Student Researchers: Carissa Babcock and Max Black.
Mentor: Dr. Kim A.S. Factor.


Upgrading Embedded Xinu for the Multi-Core Raspberry Pi 3:
Student Researchers: Priya Bansal, Rade Latinovich, Tom Lazar and Patrick J. McGee.
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow.

XinuPi3: Teaching Multicore Concepts Using Embedded Xinu
Priya Bansal, Rade Latinovich, Tom Lazar, Patrick J. McGee and Dennis Brylow
CSERC '17: in Proceedings of the 6th Computer Science Education Research Conference, pages 20-25, Helsinki, Finland, November 2017.

Poster-2017-Berlstein-snapshot.png Analyzing the Ethical Consequences of Popular Clustering Algorithms:
Student Researcher: Griffin Berlstein.
Mentor: Dr. Shion Guha.
Poster-2017-Coyne-snapshot.png Stock Prediction using Social Media Analysis:
Student Researcher: Scott Coyne.
Mentor: Dr. Praveen Madiraju and Joseph Coelho.

Forecasting Stock Prices using Social Media Analysis
Scott Coyne, Praveen Madiraju and Joseph Coelho.
The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Intelligence and Computing (DataCom 2017), Orlando, Florida, USA, November 6-10, 2017.

Poster-2017-Gratacos-snapshot.pngPoster-2017-Olson-snapshot.png Advancing via MUzECS Platform:
Student Researchers: Gustavo Gratacós and Sam Olson.
Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brylow.
Poster-2017-Kinzler-snapshot.png Cyber Security of Social Robots and the Internet of Things:
Student Researcher: Matthew Kinzler.
Mentor: Dr. Debbie Perouli.
Poster-2017-Kohli-snapshot.png Deep Learning and Energy Forecasting:
Student Researcher: Shivani Kohli.
Mentor: Dr. Richard Povinelli.
Poster-2017-Nass-snapshot.png Data Assimilation of High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamic Systems:
Student Researcher: Louis Nass.
Mentor: Dr. Elaine Spiller.
Poster-2017-Pancha-snapshot.png LSTMs for Energy Forecasting:
Student Researcher: Nikil Pancha.
Mentor: Dr. Richard Povinelli.
Poster-2017-Poulton-snapshot.png Discovering Significant Pathways of Gene Regulation:
Student Researcher: Laura Poulton.
Mentor: Dr. Serdar Bozdag.